Automotive Icon Set

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Automotive Icon Set

Role: Icon Designer


The idea came up as a goal to create an icon set in my spare time. Being into icons and font icons, I wanted to create a set that was part of a subject matter that I designed at work at the time.


Create a set of automotive icons to use in future projects.


My first choice in creating an icon set was to decide on how many I wanted to be in the set. I wanted at least a dozen and would later sketch at least 26 to fill up an alphabet to create a font set. I used dashboards of multiple cars as motivation when I began sketching. After about 30 pages of sketches I finally made the call to go with a dozen icons that were narrowed down from what I felt were the best sketches.

I scanned everything in and began working using basic shapes in Illustrator to create the icons. Making a few adjustments based on how they would look at scale I was able to call it finished. I chose to use icomoon as my first move into creating an icon font. This allowed me to not only have the .png and .svg files of the icons but to also have them as an actual font I can load into any sites.


The icons were well received and even managed to make their way into a few car dealership websites, slides and flash banners. Creating a font with the icons also led me into doing more icon fonts to use on projects.