Family Outings

Mobile App Design

Family Outings Mobile App

Role: UI Designer, Icon Designer


Family Outings is a mobile app to parents find activities and other things to do with their family to get out of the house. This was a mobile app created during a “Code Michigan” hackathon in Detroit. This particular hackathon gathered developers and designers to create an app that would help benefit the State of Michigan. Myself and Eric Malcolm were part of a 2 person team that created this app.


Creating a mobile app to help parents find something to do with their family that is within their own budget and own family size.


Being fathers, our brainstorming session centered around app ideas that were focused around families and spending time with them. The first night we spent 4 hours coming up with ideas of what to do as well as sketching out multiple logos to see if anything stuck. We landed on “Famlly Outings” and without wasting time we got to work. The first thing was to create a user flow as to how one would start the app to what they actually wanted. A simple signup followed by quick bits of information was needed and tried to contain in in easy bite size chunks as to not overload the user. Once we established the signup section, we came up with ideas on what would be a part of our destinations.

The process of sketching and quick paper prototyping really helped catapult out idea into action as we had less than 48 hours to complete from start to finish. Once the sketches were agreed upon I went into Photoshop piecing it all together leaving spots for icons. Once the general layout was complete, I created icons in Illustrator based on potential categories for the app. There was a quick feedback stage where we stepped back and looked at the final draft on what we could do. A few small tweaks were made here and there and finally presented.


The design held up solid and got some praise. While the idea and the app never came to market, the ability to think strictly on a mobile device was priceless.