Fury Automotive Dealership

Web Design

Fury automotive dealership screen shots

Role: UI Designer, Icon Designer


Fury Motors was looking to get away from the typical template style layout that is common with all dealerships. As a way to get past they, they wanted to give more of an experience to differentiate them from their competitors.


Create a unique home page to attract customers to view the website and come into the dealership to buy vehicles.


The first thing before starting out was to gather some information about the local area from the dealer. We found out they wanted to sell their new Dodge and Chrysler products that just came out as well as their Used Car Inventory. With that information, the idea was to give the opportunity to promote what they wanted through a slide show and have a movable icon slider between New, Pre-Owned and Certified Pre-Owned sites.

I created custom icons for the icon slide bar that focused on the majority of vehicles they wished to sell in that category. The next step was to find a way to show off the used car inventory. After a few options, I settled on a 3 tier pricing service. On hover, the tier card would animate forward and appear brighter to show the deals for that category of pricing.


The client was excited with the overall result and succeeded in being able to promote their used car inventory in a unique fashion.