Jeep: History in the Remaking

Web Design | Mobile Design

Jeep: History in the Remaking multiple devices

Role: UI Designer, Icon Designer


To better design templates for car dealerships, I chose to go with a responsive approach that was not used before for the industry. Enjoying the brand style, Jeep seemed like the natural choice to create a responsive template.


Create a unique responsive design that keeps with the Jeep brand and can be used for future templates with dealerships.


When looking at the Jeep brand I decided a more rugged outdoor feel was in order. I began looking at outdoor companies to get a feel for the style. Everything felt custom made and had a visual element to describe sections. I chose to use icons based on this information and also wanted to make sure they were custom created. Across the board, the main thing I saw when seeing vehicles was just outdoor shots with not a lot of clutter. The idea of the front page to have a full image slider with minimal text came to mind. To make sure it didn’t feel like a slide, I moved the navigation to the left and stacked it in a fixed format. The style of keeping a big image from top to bottom stayed into the interior pages.


The design was well accepted and would be used later as a reference to many projects in the future.