Made Local

Web Design

Made Local screen shots

Role: Web Designer, Logo Designer


Made Local was a website that was led with the idea from Jordan Skole. Made Local is a curated site for local small businesses selling their products. The idea was based out of the Detroit market including brands such as Shinola, Detroit Denim and Valentine Vodka. We would gather up and reach out to high quality brands to sell their products on our site.

This project was part of the “Startup Weekend Detroit” hackathon in which a gathering of business people, developers, designers and thinkers got together in small teams to create great ideas. The ideas centered around making Detroit a better place and were created from start to finish in a 3 day weekend. The team consisted of myself, Jordan Skole, Alex Southern, Filip Ancevski and Erik Wesslen. All very talented people.


To create a website for Made Local in 3 days and have it up live to present to a panel of judges.


The idea was already set from the beginning which helped us craft how the rest of the time would be spent. My part as a designer on this project led me to design the Logo as well as the e-commerce section of the site. The first steps were to sketch out a couple ideas on how the look and feel of the site would be. The theme we went with was big imagery and vintage look and feel. When designing the logo I kept that in mind and ended with a type only logo to help save time. The home page for the products showed high res product shots along with a quick “Buy Now” price to entice the user to click on it to take action. The product page was designed to showcase the detailed imagery of the product. With a minimal use of text before someone clicked for further detail. Near the end, the team put together everything we all worked on in a presentation.


Out of almost 2 dozen teams, we placed 4th overall. We had some great comments from other teams on the design and idea.